The first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators.

Lossless Protocol freezes fraudulent transactions based on a set of fraud identification parameters and returns stolen funds back to the owner’s account.

What it does

Our code detects fraud, freezes and reverses stolen funds.

Token creators insert Lossless code into their protocol to mitigate the losses suffered from exploits & hacks.

Urgent freezing

Lossless API allows hack-spotting bots to detect and freeze fraudulent transactions, securing rewards for the bot’s creator.

Fraud analysis

The Lossless committee overviews frozen transactions, validates fraud and makes a decision to freeze the receipt address permanently.

Reversing stolen funds

The committee enacts a proposal for transaction reversal, and the code reverts stolen funds back to the owner’s address.

How it works

Two levels of loss mitigation.

Rapid Response

A community of white hat hackers build hack-spotting bots, scan transactions and freeze hacks using the Lossless dashboard.

Lossless Decision Making Body

The affected token’s creator, the Lossless committee and independent third-party auditors validate a hack and take action to revert stolen funds back to their rightful owners.

Technical Architecture

How we mitigate hacks.

Our stake-based reward system incentivizes the community to develop increasingly efficient hack-spotting mechanisms - the spotter who took action first gets the reward.

Hack-freezing Dashboard

Designed by the
minds behind Wix.

Transparent reward system

Guarantees high levels of participation and innovation

Intuitive dashboard

An intuitive dashboard gives access to perform manual transaction overview.


Roadmap 2021

  • Proof-Of-Concept

  • Lossless Committee Establishment

  • Lossless Solidity Standard

  • Public Security Audit

  • Lossless Hack Monitoring Toolkit

  • Loss Token Governance

  • Lossless Platform Launch

  • Out-Of-The-Box Token Relaunch Toolkit

  • Wrapped Major ERC-20 Tokens With Lossless Code (L-BTC; L-ETH)

  • BSC/DOT Support

Lossless team

Project Lead
Vygandas Masilionis

Monetha, BTC-exchange

Technology Lead
Domantas Pelaitis

Syntropy, Lympo, Cryptodus

Business Development Lead
Dominykas van Otterlo

ConnectPay, ExMarkets, CoinStruction

Marketing Lead
Gytis Trilikauskis

ExMarkets, Hacker Noon, Howdoo

UI/UX Design
Gintaras Elmonas

Wix, Flair Digital

Ignacio Freire

Accenture, DXC, SMS Latinoamerica

Francisco Roca

Dimática Software Development, Lionbridge, NEORIS

Justas Kazlauskas

FinBee, HealthCallSolutions

Our advisors

Hassan (Hatu) Sheikh

DAO Maker

Christoph Zaknun

DAO Maker

Jogundas Armaitis


Massimo Buonomo

United Nations, IEC

Meet our Partners

DAO Maker
Master Ventures
Magnus Capital
Poolz Ventures
Launch X
Uno re
Polka foundry

Prevent hackers from compromising the safety of your DeFi protocol.